Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ribbon Headband

Heres a quick tutorial. I saw my friend wearing a head band and it looked like ribbon, so i asked her where she got it... i actually cant remember but i remember her saying it was 10$. All I could think was, dang, thats alot for a piece of ribbon, i could make that for practically nothing and you know what? I am.
What you will need:
- Couple feet of ribbon
- A hair band
- Sewing Supplies

1. You need to measure your head and cut the ribbon so its exactly the circumference of your head. You could just wrap the ribbon around your head and cut.

2. Now get one end of the ribbon and fold it over the hair band. Sew a couple times

3. Now fold the other end  and just saftey pin it. Now Put it on your head and make sure its comfortable. If its too tight, give the ribbon some more leeway. If its too loose, youll need to take more ribbon out.

4. Once you have the right elasticity, sew and cut all the loose threads.

And we are done!

I also tried this with a smaller hair band and smaller amount of ribbon to make a bracelet. And it looks pretty good!

p.s. im really sorry for the blurry pictures. My cameras broken and i had to use my phone :/. anyway if you make it, post a comment with the url to a picture. i would love to see it.

So you may think this is cool but if you look at the NEW blog, HERE!!, then you can see our sea glass headband we made using this technique!

Since this blog is stopped, you can see our NEW BLOG at

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K. said...

Really interesting....might try it someday.