Monday, August 3, 2009

Leather neaklace

I got inspiration for this from a necklace i had bought and i decided that i should try to make it.
What you will need:
-12 of Leather strip
-3 feathers
-hot glue gun
1st- take your 12 feet of strip and cut it into 3 4ft long peices. Then Braid them together and leave about 4 to 5 inches unbraided on each side.
2nd-take a really big bead, or one that will fit all 6 peices and use it to make the loop. DONT glue it yet.
it should look like this :
3rd-Now take one of the end peices and put on a decorative bead, and make a knot at the end so it wont fall off.
4th-Do this with all the end peices.
5th- now take the big bead and push it up. Now take the hot glue and glue feathers on then push the bead back down to where it began.
Now let it dry AND YOUR DONE!
please excuse the sunburn. haha.