Saturday, September 8, 2012

10 Awesome Tutorials

Here are 10 Awesome Tutorials you HAVE to try!!!!

#1.) Foam Print Making (Ps I thought this was just the last picture but Heres the tutorial too!)
Make sure to check out the blog as well :)

#7.) Wire Ring

#8.) Lamp Shade

And Last but not least....

#10.) Light Box

Im going to make that last one tomorrow so I can take more amazing pictures for my etsy shop!!! Let me know if you guys make any of these!

Monday, May 21, 2012


Me and my friend decided we are going to write a craft tutorial book! Shes a really good writer so she can help a lot with that part! As some of you can tell my wording is not very pretty sometimes haaha!

Anyway, if you have any ideas, thoughts, comments, leave a message in the comment box!

Thanks for your guys support! I really appreciate it!

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UPDATE: We have a bunch of tutorials set up for the book! Its really exciting! I cannot wait to share it with everyone!! Of course we will have a bunch of giveaways once its published. Although that may not be for a long time. I would LOVE it if you would follow our adventure on our new blog . We post new tutorials ALL THE TIME for the ones that we aren't putting in the book. An a couple that will be... ;) You can get the first look at Black Cat Craft!

Thanks for reading <3

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Summer Necklace

This was my inspiration for the week!!

I loved this project! It was easy, looked great, and didn't take too much thought so I could watch Tv while I did it. So since summer was coming, I decided to dedicate this necklace to summer because i'm so amazingly excited for it!

*I have been wearing this necklace around and gotten a bunch of comments on it! People think I got it from Urban Outfitters ahaha silly people. It cost about 2$ to make with enbroidery thread from JoAnn's. You can also get it form michaels if thats closer.

Alright lets get started!

You will need:
- A yarn ball
- embroidery floss and lots of it in all sorts of colors!!
- Scissors
- Beads or washers (Optional)
- A good Movie

1.)  First take your yarn ball and cut 4 pieces about arms length.
* I heard it was easier using a shoelace but I liked using yarn because I incorporated some of it into the necklace.
2.) Now pick a bunch of colors form your embroidery floss and cut REALLY long pieces then make a knot of all strings and floss.
* I didn't cut my floss at all, I just left it in little balls of mess and un-knotted them as I needed to.
3.) Tape your knot down or tie it to something. Now you will begin making endless friendship knots after friendship knots.
* Here is how to make a knot: HERE
4.) To change the color, simply put the color you were using down and start tieing with a different color! Its super easy!

5.) Make this one as long as you want the necklace to be. For example this is how long I want mine to go.

6.) Repeat steps 1 through 4 except you will make this one as short as you want the necklace to be. Make sure this one will fit over your head! 

7.) Now make about 4 to 6 or more, all different sizes in between these 2 that you just made! Here is all of mine!!

8.) Now i'm going to add on some things. I actually lost my beads so I put on some steel nuts which were on another necklace I saw. I like it it looks super cool!

9.) Now Im just tying all of my ends together at the top in Square Knots. Or you can just tie a bunch of random ones and hope for the best. 

10.) After you tie the knots, take a good bit of embroidery string and just wrap it around the knots so it covers up those knots. 

11.) Cut of the bits and ends and wear it like you just paid 100 dollars for it!!!

Things I wish I knew before:
- I wish I planned the colors better but I just used what I had left
- It would have been nice to plan out my sizes before with maybe other bits of yarn. 

Alright, thats it. Its pretty easy once you know how to do the knots!! If you make one I would LOVE to see pictures of yours, or if you come up with any tips and tricks PLEASE let me know!

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Monday, April 30, 2012

How to: Melting Crayon Art

How to make Melted Crayon Art
Tutorial dedicated to Summer for donating 3$  to  Urban DIY!! Thanks Summer!!

This project did not turn out how I expected. I assumed the melting would take 5 minutes...well it took an hour. AN HOUR of sitting there and holding a blow dryer. Even then I wasn't satisfied.

Well let me start from the

1.) First you begin with picking out the colors you want and arranging them in the pattern that you want
* This is where my first mistake, orange looks TERRIBLE next to grey and black

2.) First unwrap them. Just trust me on this one. Now glue them down with hot glue. DO NOT TAPE THEM, trust me it won't end up well!

3.) Now begins the tedious part, lay your newspaper down and turn on your blow dryer. Put it close to the crayons so they can get the full heat.
* Note: Melt on low a low setting.

4.) Now sit there for an hour and blow dry that baby!!! Here's pictures of me doing step 4!!!

See what I mean about how orange and black look bad together :/

Once you melt all the crayons you should be done. But I hated mine, I was super disappointed with how it turned out:

So You can blow dry more so all the crayon melts all over the white, or you can stop right here like I did because I hated the colors and you can fix it :D

So here's what I did to fix it:

1.) Pick your crayons then take them OUT of their wrappers. 

2.) Glue them on top of the wrappers that were their before.

3.) Blow dry
* This went by sooo much faster then with the wrappers on!

Here's how mine turned out!

So method worked, so if you do screw up then there is still hope!!!

Want a tutorial dedicated to you? Want to advertise your website or blog? Donate here and the next tutorial will be dedicated to you!

I put mine up in the garage, but I want to make more and cover the whole space. Im thinking about recycling a bunch of crayons and using this technique to cover the WHOLE WALL!! Which I think owuld be really cool. If I do that Ill post it on the website!

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Hey guys, so i haven't posted in, ahem, years, BUT summer is comming, no college courses to take and my job is working with kids so I will be posting WAY MORE tutorials. Hopefully one a week. Maybe one every Friday? Well see how committed I can get :).

But as a college student it is hard to pay for craft supplies when I'm trying to supply my sotmach with food. Many of my new tutorials will be how to work on a cheap budget. Reusing products mostly :) ECOFRIENDLY!!!

Anyway if you would like to see cooler things (Mosaics, Garden Boxes, Sewing tutorials, Pottery ect.) I may need a little help.  You guys can check out my etsy  and support a starving artist or give a donation and get a tutorial dedicated to you :D Seriously even 50 cents helps!
Here are the links:

and my Etsy is :

And in case you were wondering..."Hey, who the heck am I giving this donation to?"
This is me :D

Ill talk at you guys soon, thank you for the support <3