Monday, January 18, 2010

Inspiration for the New Year

There is only so much you can do on a rainy day. Crafts are always open but im feeling kinda lazy right now so i went and did some internet surfing. Im finding tons of inspiration and thought you would like to see what ive found.

On there are sooo many pictures to get inspiration off of. If you couldnt tell, I love the artistic indie bohemian look, and this picture fits the indie catagorie.

I was just looking up random things on google, and I came across this amazing blog called The Urban Hippie. Its filled with amazing photography and so much interesting art. I pretty much want to live the life that she has.

A while ago I saw a preview for an independent film and I had this feeling of Oh, someone else out there knows what I feel too. And that was only after watching the preview. Anyway I saw that it was available ondemand so I freaked out and decided that im going to watch it this week.

Check out the preview at:

One thing that i will always love are dreamcatchers. They are so...amazing. They always look to elegant and fascinating. I saw this in my friends car and i had to take a picture of it.
Music: Backfire- Mutemath. The video is soorandom and wild and i love it. I love how different it sounds and the idea of the lyrics.
Thats what i found so far. Next time i see something interesting ill post it. AND if you have any inspiring music or pictures or something put the link in a comment so i can check it out.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Head Band

Yes, i know i havent posted in a while. And i understand, your frustrated, but i promise ill try to post more. NEW YEARS RESOLUTION!
Alright so today we are going to make a headband! Indie, hippie, Urban look.

What your going to need:


-yarn (alot of it)

Preparation: You need to go to this website and pick out your pattern. . it doesnt matter how intricate your pattern is or not, but i like to make mine range from 8 to 12 strings, more would look cool. It depends on what look your going for.

The pattern im going to use is #241

10 strings in 3 different colors.

1st: Cut each string about 15 ft. if its too short you can alway tie extra on, if its too long, cut it off when u finish. Warning this is ALOT of string and may be overwhelming, just stay with it because the end product is worth it.

2nd: Now your going to make a knot then braid all this string about 8 to 12 inches

3rd: Make another knot then follow the pattern that you chose.

4th: Measure the circumference and subract 2 inches. This the length your going to want to make your band.

5th: Make a knot then make another braid. Try to make it about the same length as the first one you have made.

6th. Cut off the excess strings and your done!!

Now wear it with pride!