Monday, May 10, 2010

Buttondown Tank From Old Shirt

Hello again, ive come out of my cave and decided to reenter the world of crafting. This post will be short simple and sweet, or ill try to make it simple. Anyway...
You are going to need:
-Old Mens (or womens) button down shirt
-sewing supplies

1.) First your going to take the shirt and cut off the sleeves from right below the armpit to about 2 inches from the top of the sleeve.
2.) After you cut off the 2nd sleeve, cut the front of the collar down to the 2nd button in the front, and just around the rest collar for now.
3.) now my shirt is an XL so im going to need to size mine down. If you do too, turn your shirt INSIDE OUT and put it on and pin the sides so it fits you. Then sew. I made mine 2.5 in less at the top and 3 in the middle and 2.5 at the bottom. After, cut off the extra fabric.
4.) Now my "sleeves" are kind of long, so im going to sew 1.5 inches into those. After you do that, cut off that extra fabric you don't need anymore.

5.) Now that its the right size, time to cut the back like you want it. I kinda want mine to be subtle razor back.
6.) Now hem the collar and sleeves. I added a couple darts onto my collar.
7.) If you want to add more, you can add darts in the back. Just pinch and pin. Sew these with a 1/4in seam.