Friday, August 20, 2010

Little Recipe

Chocolate Surprise!!
My friend Christine made me this for my birthday. It was one of the best things ive ever tasted in my life. She said that it was a secret recipe and wouldnt even take my offers of trades and deals to get the recipe until today. Its been almost a year and she finally caved. Anyway here i am, spoiling the surprise and ruining the secret but i feel that you deserve to know this amazing thing.

What you will need (these are not exact, you will have to experiment):
-1 box gram crackers
-2 tubs of coolwhip
-3 cups milk
-2 boxes instant vanilla pudding
-1 tub chocolate frosting
-1 container
*im sorry i do not know how big the tubs or containers are, like i said before you just have to experiment

1.) Put a layer of gram crackers (not crumbled) on the bottom of container.
2.) Grab a bowl, kinda big, more medium, and put the tub of cool whip in it. Now add in the 2 boxes of instant vanilla pudding.
3.) Add the 3 cups millk and the last tub of cool whip (into bowl) and stir till its nice and smooth throught the mixture.
4.) Pour a layer of this mixture onto the gram cracker layer in the container.
5.) Now put down a layer of gram crackers on top
6.) Now another layer of the pudding mixture
7.)And one last layer of gram crackers.
8.) Take the tub of chocolate frosting and heat it up for 15 seconds in the microwave. And then pour onto the gram cracker layer.
9.) Put this into the fridge over night and it will be ready in the morning
10.) wake up the next morning and eat :)

yaaayyyyyyy sooo good! i think im going to add a layer of chocolate pudding in next time ;)

anyway, thanks for putting up with my bad recipe directions. its the best i could do. im not much of a cook. 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Amateur Art Show

So me and my friend decided we need to figure out a way to sell our crafts so we decided to have an art show in my back yard. Me and her split a table and i invited some of my other craft friends to sell their stuff. I had no idea how it was going to turn out or if people would actually come, but i had some really supportive friends who came and took a look.

Anyway i thought i would share with you some, maybe alot, or pictures from that day.

and the pieces that were sold:

Anyway i hope that you guys liked the pictures. It was the first show and it turned out alright. We had mostly teenagers at the show (friends) and they all dont have money. But my mom and her friends came and her friends bought alot. So next time were goin all out and inviting everyone. 

thanks for lookin :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ribbon Headband

Heres a quick tutorial. I saw my friend wearing a head band and it looked like ribbon, so i asked her where she got it... i actually cant remember but i remember her saying it was 10$. All I could think was, dang, thats alot for a piece of ribbon, i could make that for practically nothing and you know what? I am.
What you will need:
- Couple feet of ribbon
- A hair band
- Sewing Supplies

1. You need to measure your head and cut the ribbon so its exactly the circumference of your head. You could just wrap the ribbon around your head and cut.

2. Now get one end of the ribbon and fold it over the hair band. Sew a couple times

3. Now fold the other end  and just saftey pin it. Now Put it on your head and make sure its comfortable. If its too tight, give the ribbon some more leeway. If its too loose, youll need to take more ribbon out.

4. Once you have the right elasticity, sew and cut all the loose threads.

And we are done!

I also tried this with a smaller hair band and smaller amount of ribbon to make a bracelet. And it looks pretty good!

p.s. im really sorry for the blurry pictures. My cameras broken and i had to use my phone :/. anyway if you make it, post a comment with the url to a picture. i would love to see it.

So you may think this is cool but if you look at the NEW blog, HERE!!, then you can see our sea glass headband we made using this technique!

Since this blog is stopped, you can see our NEW BLOG at

Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Little Inspiration

So the other day I was watching The Hunchback of Notre Dame from Disney and when Esmerelda came out I just thought, hey gypsies are freakin awesome except for the fact they steal your money, but they have a cool style. So I looked around the internet and found a couple cool pics. I will probably try to make something inpired off these and ill post a tutorial.

Anyway, check these out:

Head bands, beads, lots of colors, lots of patterns, and crazy hairpieces. Gypsies are soo cool!
Oh right so i hope this inspires you, if you make anything  gypsy inspired i would love to see a pic. Just comment with the link! thanks!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Buttondown Tank From Old Shirt

Hello again, ive come out of my cave and decided to reenter the world of crafting. This post will be short simple and sweet, or ill try to make it simple. Anyway...
You are going to need:
-Old Mens (or womens) button down shirt
-sewing supplies

1.) First your going to take the shirt and cut off the sleeves from right below the armpit to about 2 inches from the top of the sleeve.
2.) After you cut off the 2nd sleeve, cut the front of the collar down to the 2nd button in the front, and just around the rest collar for now.
3.) now my shirt is an XL so im going to need to size mine down. If you do too, turn your shirt INSIDE OUT and put it on and pin the sides so it fits you. Then sew. I made mine 2.5 in less at the top and 3 in the middle and 2.5 at the bottom. After, cut off the extra fabric.
4.) Now my "sleeves" are kind of long, so im going to sew 1.5 inches into those. After you do that, cut off that extra fabric you don't need anymore.

5.) Now that its the right size, time to cut the back like you want it. I kinda want mine to be subtle razor back.
6.) Now hem the collar and sleeves. I added a couple darts onto my collar.
7.) If you want to add more, you can add darts in the back. Just pinch and pin. Sew these with a 1/4in seam.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Hey so i have been laggin', like really laggin' lately. I have come down with a serious case of senioritis. BUT im comming back into the DIY world. So if you have any ideas on tutorials or just want to know how to make something, leave a comment or send me a like to a picture and ill do my best to make a tutorial.

And yeah i know i probably wont get any comments since this blog is half dead and way small but hey worth asking right??

anyway, more tutorials comming soon...hopefully haha

Monday, January 18, 2010

Inspiration for the New Year

There is only so much you can do on a rainy day. Crafts are always open but im feeling kinda lazy right now so i went and did some internet surfing. Im finding tons of inspiration and thought you would like to see what ive found.

On there are sooo many pictures to get inspiration off of. If you couldnt tell, I love the artistic indie bohemian look, and this picture fits the indie catagorie.

I was just looking up random things on google, and I came across this amazing blog called The Urban Hippie. Its filled with amazing photography and so much interesting art. I pretty much want to live the life that she has.

A while ago I saw a preview for an independent film and I had this feeling of Oh, someone else out there knows what I feel too. And that was only after watching the preview. Anyway I saw that it was available ondemand so I freaked out and decided that im going to watch it this week.

Check out the preview at:

One thing that i will always love are dreamcatchers. They are so...amazing. They always look to elegant and fascinating. I saw this in my friends car and i had to take a picture of it.
Music: Backfire- Mutemath. The video is soorandom and wild and i love it. I love how different it sounds and the idea of the lyrics.
Thats what i found so far. Next time i see something interesting ill post it. AND if you have any inspiring music or pictures or something put the link in a comment so i can check it out.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Head Band

Yes, i know i havent posted in a while. And i understand, your frustrated, but i promise ill try to post more. NEW YEARS RESOLUTION!
Alright so today we are going to make a headband! Indie, hippie, Urban look.

What your going to need:


-yarn (alot of it)

Preparation: You need to go to this website and pick out your pattern. . it doesnt matter how intricate your pattern is or not, but i like to make mine range from 8 to 12 strings, more would look cool. It depends on what look your going for.

The pattern im going to use is #241

10 strings in 3 different colors.

1st: Cut each string about 15 ft. if its too short you can alway tie extra on, if its too long, cut it off when u finish. Warning this is ALOT of string and may be overwhelming, just stay with it because the end product is worth it.

2nd: Now your going to make a knot then braid all this string about 8 to 12 inches

3rd: Make another knot then follow the pattern that you chose.

4th: Measure the circumference and subract 2 inches. This the length your going to want to make your band.

5th: Make a knot then make another braid. Try to make it about the same length as the first one you have made.

6th. Cut off the excess strings and your done!!

Now wear it with pride!