Monday, October 19, 2009


OK, i know i havent posted in a while. Ive been so busy with school and volleyball and college apps im kinda frekaing out, but ive had a litttle down time and i want to keep making these blogs.

SOO for this new season of arts and crafts, im going to start off with just a list of things you can make or get inspired by. ill make a legit tutorial soon. I promise!

Eco friendly Projects:

#1: Magazine bowl,

#2:Morsbags aka reusable shopping bag
- this website is really inspiring and i think everyone should do this and give at least 5 away. Personally, im taking the websites advice and starting a "pod" me and my group of friends, who don tknow how to sew...yet, will make a bunch of these and will give them out to neighbors and teachers.
- Another reason to do this, go and google "Eastern Garbage Patch" its a island in the Pacific ocean that is a giant soupy mass of trash the size of the united states and a half. Its a hundred feet deep and there is a mountian of trash that has sunken to the bottom.

#3: Plastic Yarn
if you are going to knit or crochet a bag out of plastic bags, this is where you should start.
I think i will try...attempt... to make a bag later in the year when i have time, maybe December.

So there are some projects to get u inspired, if you make any please put a picture on the comments. or send me the link to a picture. Any way. to you seniors out there just like me, GOOD LUCK on your applications to college, i hope you get into the school you want to go to!