Monday, May 21, 2012


Me and my friend decided we are going to write a craft tutorial book! Shes a really good writer so she can help a lot with that part! As some of you can tell my wording is not very pretty sometimes haaha!

Anyway, if you have any ideas, thoughts, comments, leave a message in the comment box!

Thanks for your guys support! I really appreciate it!

Since this blog is stopped, you can see our NEW BLOG at

UPDATE: We have a bunch of tutorials set up for the book! Its really exciting! I cannot wait to share it with everyone!! Of course we will have a bunch of giveaways once its published. Although that may not be for a long time. I would LOVE it if you would follow our adventure on our new blog . We post new tutorials ALL THE TIME for the ones that we aren't putting in the book. An a couple that will be... ;) You can get the first look at Black Cat Craft!

Thanks for reading <3

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