Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Hey guys, so i haven't posted in, ahem, years, BUT summer is comming, no college courses to take and my job is working with kids so I will be posting WAY MORE tutorials. Hopefully one a week. Maybe one every Friday? Well see how committed I can get :).

But as a college student it is hard to pay for craft supplies when I'm trying to supply my sotmach with food. Many of my new tutorials will be how to work on a cheap budget. Reusing products mostly :) ECOFRIENDLY!!!

Anyway if you would like to see cooler things (Mosaics, Garden Boxes, Sewing tutorials, Pottery ect.) I may need a little help.  You guys can check out my etsy  and support a starving artist or give a donation and get a tutorial dedicated to you :D Seriously even 50 cents helps!
Here are the links:

and my Etsy is :

And in case you were wondering..."Hey, who the heck am I giving this donation to?"
This is me :D

Ill talk at you guys soon, thank you for the support <3


Summer said...

I love your blog!!! Can't wait for future tutorials, I donated a couple bucks hope it helps <3!!


Megan said...

Thank you Summer!