Friday, August 20, 2010

Little Recipe

Chocolate Surprise!!
My friend Christine made me this for my birthday. It was one of the best things ive ever tasted in my life. She said that it was a secret recipe and wouldnt even take my offers of trades and deals to get the recipe until today. Its been almost a year and she finally caved. Anyway here i am, spoiling the surprise and ruining the secret but i feel that you deserve to know this amazing thing.

What you will need (these are not exact, you will have to experiment):
-1 box gram crackers
-2 tubs of coolwhip
-3 cups milk
-2 boxes instant vanilla pudding
-1 tub chocolate frosting
-1 container
*im sorry i do not know how big the tubs or containers are, like i said before you just have to experiment

1.) Put a layer of gram crackers (not crumbled) on the bottom of container.
2.) Grab a bowl, kinda big, more medium, and put the tub of cool whip in it. Now add in the 2 boxes of instant vanilla pudding.
3.) Add the 3 cups millk and the last tub of cool whip (into bowl) and stir till its nice and smooth throught the mixture.
4.) Pour a layer of this mixture onto the gram cracker layer in the container.
5.) Now put down a layer of gram crackers on top
6.) Now another layer of the pudding mixture
7.)And one last layer of gram crackers.
8.) Take the tub of chocolate frosting and heat it up for 15 seconds in the microwave. And then pour onto the gram cracker layer.
9.) Put this into the fridge over night and it will be ready in the morning
10.) wake up the next morning and eat :)

yaaayyyyyyy sooo good! i think im going to add a layer of chocolate pudding in next time ;)

anyway, thanks for putting up with my bad recipe directions. its the best i could do. im not much of a cook. 

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