Sunday, July 26, 2009

Beaded Box

So as i was searching through my studio (garage) today, i came across this box of beads i used when i was a little kid. I sat for a while thinking what i could possibly do with these to get rid of them and came up with this idea.
What you will need:
-about 78 popsicle sticks
-8 big beads
-a bunch a other beads
-Dont use hot glue to put on the beads like i did! it gets litte glue strings everywhere that are soo annoying!
-start from the middle of the design out

1st- line up 11 popsicle sticks and glue 2 popsicle sticks perpendicular at the top and bottom. MAKE 6.

2nd-Take 2 of the squares and glue the big beads in each corner.

3rd- Take a beaded square and a non beaded square and glue 2 of the sides together at the beads.

4th- Do this again so you have 2 peices

5th- Glue the 2 peices together to form a cube. make sure the beaded squares are on opposite sides

6th- Now take the 5th square and glue it onto one of the open sides. (glue onto the beads)

7th- Now its time to start bringing out the smaller beads. Sketch out the design you want onto the box and start glueing the beads.

8th- Cover the whole box with beads.

9th- Take the 6th and lone square and put a giant bead (or anything else youwant) onto the center of the box, this is the handle and the square is the top of the box.

10th- Glue on beads to that.

Were done!

Fill up your box with whatever you want and enjoy.

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