Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Resin Resin Resin

Resin. Its really not as complicated as you think, well if you know what to do and what not to do. Anyway, today, im going to show you how to make a necklace using a snapple cap and yes, resin.
What your going to need:
-resin about 16$ (it makes alot of these)
-the catalyst about 5$
-snapple caps 0$
-6mm split rings about 3$
-Ball chain Necklace 18" about 1.30$
(or you could use a chain from a necklace you dont like. RECYCLE)
Before you Begin Read these tips:
-if your going to use paper to decorate, laminate it.
- its easier to glue everything down before you use resin (hot glue)
- Do not leave it out to dry in the hot/ in the sun or it will look glazed over
- make sure you use the instructed amount of catalyst or it will be sticky
-If your using sparkle glue or something like that, make sure its dry before you use the resin.
-Wear gloves!

1st- Prepare the snapple cap. Get a hammer and a nail and make 2 holes. Open up the slit ring and slide it through. And yes i know this isnt a snapple cap, BUT its the same thing except its red and says sweet tea on it.

2nd- Time to decorate. I am making gifts for my friends so im going to have inside jokes. Make sure you read the tips. Im going to laminate some paper i got from a magazine and im also going to use sparkles.

3rd- Once your done decorating, read the directions on the resin container and figure out the resin to catalyst ratio. The snapple cap is 1/4 in deep so my instructions say to use 8 drops of catalyst.

4th-Mix the instructed amount for 1 minute, dont be alarmed if there are bubbles.

5th-Pour it slowly into the cap and make sure if there are any big bubbles that you pop them before it hardens. Fill the cap up without over flowing it. If you did, dont worry i will talk about that later.

6th-Let dry for 24 hours, in an indoor, room temperature place. I wouldnt touch it for at least 2 days.

7th- Put the cap onto the chain and your finished!

IF yours over flowed:
(if wet) wipe off and set down in a dry place
(if dry) try to pry off, maybe sand it down and clean off.

If your too lazy to make this or just like what you see, go to and buy it.

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