Saturday, June 20, 2009

Caprisun Wallet

Here i'm going to show you how to make a wallet using recycled caprisuns. Its really easy and quick and efficient.

Your going to need:
-4 empty capri suns 0$
-an inch of velcro 1$ for a about a yard
-sewing maching (you could probably do it by hand but im sure that would be hard)
Preparation: Clean out the caprisun so that you dont get sick from bateria or mold.

1st-Set your machine on zigzag stich and sew 2 caprisuns together so its a little larger than a dollar bill. I make mine so that its 2.5 inches over lapping the other. Make 2.

2nd- Take the two pieces you have made and turn them over, you will see that there is excess caprisuns like this:
just sew that down to make it look like this:

3rd- Velcro. I like to use a straight stich on this. Set a peice of velcro so that its centered and 1 inch from the top. Sew.

On the 2nd peice, make sure to do the same, but on the OPPOSITE side. So you should have 2 peices that look like this:

4th-Set your machine so its zigzag stitch again. Put the 2 sides together (with velcro on opposite sides) and sew together leaving a place to put your cash and cards. NOTE: make sure you double back to reinforce the stiching.


If your too lazy to make this... you can go get it at

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