Monday, June 22, 2009

Natural Jewelry Holder

Ok so i was cleaning up my room and realized my jewelry was so messy and i needed to clean it up. So i took a walk down to the canyon and grabbed a branch that i had found on the ground

What is needed:
- a branch with alot of twigs
- a small jar
- pebbels
- Spray paint
-hot glue
1st- Get your branch and strip it of any leaves. NOTE: make sure branch is strong enough to hold jewelry!

1.5- Put dots of hot glue onto the branch, this will help the jewelry be separated.

2nd- Spray paint the branch to a color you desire. Im using a creme color.

3rd- Find a whole bunch of pebbels and clean them off, then spray paint them(if you want) it could also look cool if you left them as is, i could not find any pebbles, so i used sand. and it worked. I dont have a picture for this because I didnt spraypaint the sand.
4th- Glue the bottom of the branch to the bottom inside the jar.

5th- Fill up with the pebbels or sand or whatever you want to fill it up with.
6th- Make sure its stable.

I think this woul be an awesome birthday present. Or any kind of present for that matter.


Anonymous said...

Very nice! But will the branch rot eventually? I was worried about breakage.

Paola Elizondo said...

If it breaks you could find another branch, I don't think it's hard.

I love your idea! I always have all my jewelry in boxes and never find it.

Megan said...

dude i really hope it doesnt rot. but if it does its another excuse to make something

deleteblog said...

I love your projects. Thank you for the inspiration^^