Sunday, June 14, 2009

Feather Hairpiece

So this week, I decided to post the tutorial for the feather hairpiece which i saw at Urban Outfitters for 18$

Anyway your going to need:
-Embroydery Floss - 25 cents
-Spring Loaded Hairclip- about 4 dollars for 10
-Beads- 1.99 for a pack
-Feathers-1.99 for a pack
-Ribbon- 1$
-Hot Glue gun/ glue to put it all together.
Preparation: Cut the Floss until you have the 4 different lengths you want. (my longest peice was the length of my hair)
1st- Get the clip and clip it onto a peice of paper. Then glue the ends of the 4 strings onto the tip.

2nd- Glue the strings onto the rest of the clip.

3rd-(optional) Sketch out the hair piece so you dont have it too bunched in one area.

4th-To attach beads and feathers to string, Slide on bead and make a knot where you want it to be located. NOTE: Dont not do the ends yet!

5th- With the bead a little higher than the knot, stick the feather into the bead and put hot glue or super glue on the knot, then quickly slide the bead onto the knot. NOTE: do not get glue on feathers, it will make them look clumpy.

6th- For the ends of the string, slide on a bead and make a knot leaving about an inch left on the string. Repeat step 5.

7th- Finishing off the clip, we are going to glue the end of the ribbon (with out touching the spring) to the inside of the clip. NOTE: Do NOT glue the top and bottom of clip together.

8th- Wrap all the way around too the tip and back, (keep it tight,) and glue the end to keep in place.

9th- Cut off ends of feathers that are hanging off, and take off excess glue. I also reglued everything so it really stays in place. Also, cut of the excess string at the ends.

...and this is what it will look like.
If you are too lazy too make your own, Just go to to get one.


Cypriotchick said...

this is such a good tutorial thanks :D


Anonymous said...

this is really really cute! i wish i had long hair like urs... :P